A Glimpse of Brilliance


“Many moons ago, in a secluded cave in Africa, there was an enormous gathering. This meeting of all the executive members was held once every millennium. It was Wisdom’s idea that such a meeting should be established and well attended, and of course, Intelligence fully agreed. As usual, Patience and Tolerance were the first to arrive at this prestigious occasion. Politeness greeted everyone, as Prayer said a few words to officially open the proceedings. Kindness was very troubled when reading the minutes from the previous meeting. The most concerning issue from the last millennium’s agenda was how the rest of the world perceived Africa. History expressed his sadness, complaining that the world’s perception was not a true reflection of past events. This made Happiness very unhappy, which was very odd to even imagine. Rumour pointed out that it came to her attention what the rest of the world said concerning Africa. The world said that Africa lacked both creativity and civilization. News added to the conversation by telling all in attendance that he also heard that some think everyone in Africa has a friend called Misery.
Truth immediately got upset, citing that such false stories were the exact reason why Corruption, Malice, Greed, and Poverty where permanently expelled from any future gatherings. Truth further elaborated, pointing out that these bad elements influenced Rumour and News negatively.

It was Patience and Order who calmed everyone down as tempers began to flare. In her capacity as vice-chair, Honour was given a chance to speak and she began mapping a way forward. Integrity reminded everyone that the main purpose of this auspicious gathering was to find solutions and prove to the rest of world once and for all that the stories of Hope, Excellence, Justice, Humour, Pride and a strong sense of Identity still remained. It was at that moment that Doubt showed up, and he was late as usual. The truth is, he had doubted whether this momentous gathering would go ahead as planned in the first place. A resolution was passed that Inspiration will be given the task of searching for a writer, once found, Skill and Purpose would accompany Inspiration and dwell wherever Inspiration settled. This was no ordinary mission, and all members in attendance fully realised that the millennium plan in its entirety rested on the project’s success. Strict times were set for the manual’s completion and a young African writer was carefully sought after. The manual would have significant contributions from all the executives present. As expected, Doubt expressed his concerns over the successful completion of the manual. A motion was proposed and adopted that Doubt should also be permanently expelled with immediate effect. All present felt that Doubt was generally not constructive and should have been expelled long ago along with the likes of Greed and Corruption. A unanimous decision was taken to re-elect Brilliance as President of Africa for yet another millennium, with Doubt’s expulsion, no members of the executive would oppose the decision. Doubt’s seat on the executive panel was then occupied by Vision. The gathering was just a glimpse of breath-taking events to come, and since Brilliance was the President at the time, the manual would be titled, A glimpse of brilliance.”

Introduction, A glimpse of brilliance

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