“Morena stood motionless in front of a wrecked BMW seven series. There was smoke everywhere. Scores of people were quick to surround the area, to get a clear picture while the events were fairly recent and still unfolding. From a safe distance, onlookers watched, wishing they could get a lot closer to the scene, but the smoke coming from the car’s bonnet was an effective deterrent, threatening to retaliate with an explosion if provoked. The accident happened on the corner of a very busy street. Although the town was reasonably big, everyone knew that only one man in that town drove the make and model of that car. He was a well-known businessman. His name was Mr Matthews, but he was not present in the vicinity of the accident scene. This made the scene seem very interesting, as onlookers suspected that the car owner, Mr Matthews, was not even aware of this recent development…”

Chapter 10, The date, Choices.

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